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Ravinder Singh, MD

  • If you are taking a pill for your daily headache – STOP! Why taking headache medications could actually cause more pain
  • From acupuncture to Botox, from pills to nutrition or even yoga, we will explore methods you or your doctor might be overlooking to treat your headache
  • Do your kids get headaches? What parents need to know about alternatives to taking a pill.
  • 3 ways to cure headaches without medication and proven in the real-world.
  • Even during holidays, a lot of people will experience stress and headaches. How to prevent headaches and enjoy rather than escape the celebrations.
  • Is going back to school giving children headaches? ER visits for children with headaches increase by 30% in the fall. What are some effective ways to treat children?
  • Did you know that eating too much candy can trigger your headache? From Halloween to Valentines Day, I wanted to discuss how you can prevent and treat these holiday headaches.
  • Are untreated or poorly-treated headaches interfering with your relationships/romance/sex life? How to go from “Not tonight, Dear” to “Tonight, tomorrow morning and all week”
  • Got headaches? Why stress overload could be to blame – but drug-free relief is on the way.