Even if you are physically present, the best of you may be trapped in a prison of your own pain. What should be carefree moments of pleasure, connection, and creativity become moments to simply endure, or to withdraw from entirely.

If headaches just happened once in a great while, if they only affected a handful of people, or if there was a single pill that would make this problem go away, you wouldn’t be reading this and I wouldn’t have written a book. But headaches are serious business. Too many people are saying the equivalent of “Not tonight, I have a headache,” everyday.

Headaches are the leading cause of missing work, costing companies and individuals billions in lost revenue and productivity.

Though we really can’t put a dollar value on missed soccer games and spoiled date nights, I think we can agree that the toll on our personal lives is far higher and more significant.

Relief from headaches is among the leading reasons people seek the help of a neurologist. The problem is that most neurologists approach headaches based only on their training in Western medicine, focusing on:

⁠⁠Quick fixes rather than long-term solutions

Symptom management rather than the underlying cause of the problem

The problematic body part rather than the person as a whole

Take this pill, get this injection, try this treatment. The Western diagnostic, scientific model has yielded a wealth of information about headaches and treatments for acute symptoms, but a solution based on Western medicine alone remains elusive.

On the other hand, Eastern healing practices view the body as a whole. These include:

  • Chinese traditions of acupuncture
  • Indian traditions of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga
  • Islamic traditions
  • Native American medical practices

Instead of focusing just on the outward manifestation of disease, the practitioners of these ancient arts focus on the elusive underlying cause of the disease and direct their treatments toward that cause. However, Eastern traditions may not be able to address acute symptoms as directly or aggressively as Western practitioners.

A solution lies in an intelligent and creative combination of Eastern and Western approaches to the problem. However, few Western-trained doctors are open to Eastern methodologies – and few Eastern practitioners have Western training.

I think you can tell by looking at my picture that I may not fit the mold of a typical Western practitioner. I am a board-certified neurologist and a Certified Stress and Wellness Consultant. I also practice and embrace Eastern methodologies, including those of my own faith, Sikhism, which emphasizes the mind-body connection.

I believe lasting relief from debilitating headaches requires an integration of the best of Western and Eastern medicine, and with this integrative approach, I’ve helped 1000’s of patients finally find long-lasting relief.

Here are some of the methodologies that can be creatively combined when you are open to both Eastern and Western approaches to your problem:

The question is not which

treatment is superior, but

which treatment is best

for you.

In Not Tonight, I Have a Headache, I will help you determine the root causes of your headaches and develop your own individualized, holistic headache treatment plan.

My Stress and Headache Reduction Program (SHARP) incorporates both the quick fix of acute treatment and long-term lifestyle modification to heal your headaches for good. Before embarking on a life-changing program, you have to stop the acute pain. When you are in agonizing pain, it is difficult even to think. However, disease exists not just in the physical realm, but in the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Unless the other three realms are involved in the healing process, the results will be short-lived.

The SHARP approach will help you:

Identify the type of headache you have

Relieve your acute symptoms with the right combination of Western and Eastern treatments

Create new lifestyle habits that heal the root cause of your headaches for good, including stress management, mindset changes, exercise, diet, nutraceuticals, and homeopathy

End the endless cycle of symptom management. For a fraction of what I would charge for a single consult, Not Tonight, I Have a Headache gives you my best advice about the cause and treatment of headaches. If you are looking for a quick fix, I advise you to look elsewhere. If you are ready put yourself on the road to recovery, I would be honored to point the way.

All of these things are possible (within reason of course…if you decide to go on a date with someone other than your partner….well don’t blame us if it doesn’t work out)

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